3 Ways to Punch Harder


Punches are an essential part of many martial arts and combat sports. The lower body is seen to be a key component of an efficient punch, with the arm, trunk, and legs all contributing to the motion of punching.

Learning to hit harder requires the development of physical strength and awareness. We’ll focus on all of these factors to teach you how to properly throw a powerful punch.


Most people know how to make a fist, but knowing why you need to make a fist correctly can help you avoid hurting yourself.The key to a proper fist is alignment and keeping your fists tight. Bring your hands together and clench your fists. Essentially, you need to make sure that everything is in order, both internally and externally, to ensure that you have maximum impact. Make sure to keep your thumb pointing upward while folding your extended fingers toward the center of your palm. Ensure that the middle of your palm is completely covered by your fingertips. Now, tightly curl your thumb over your fingers until the ball of your thumb contacts your index finger’s middle joint.


You shouldn’t merely utilize your arm for a punch. Punching force is generated from the body’s bottom up. To maximize the force of a blow, you must rotate your body and provide momentum to power the punch by putting your entire body into the force of the attack. Finding the right ratio of speed to power—not just one or the other—is the secret to landing a blow with more force. It is important to make sure you are balanced and use your leg positioned in front to shift your weight when throwing a punch. Having a balanced and engaged lower body also allows you to be stable enough to be able to stand a push from all sides. 


By controlling your breathing, you can maximize the force of your attack. Even though it may not seem like breathing has much of an impact on striking power, it absolutely does and must be considered with each blow you deliver. As a general rule, sharply exhale through your nose every time you throw a punch. When the punch is withdrawn, the abrupt release of oxygen triggers an immediate air inflow that replenishes the muscles with nutrients and oxygen. Boxers are able to perform punches while adding force to them thanks to this consistent cycle. Having a proper breathing technique not only increases your power when throwing punches but also increases your speed. 


Now that you’ve learned a few basics on how to punch harder, it’s time to practice and train. Make sure to pay attention to every advice given to you on proper punching techniques, positioning, posture and other skills and you’ll be throwing excellent punches in no time. 


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