Violent Encounter Takeaways

What we can learn from real-life encounters

Learning from violent encounters

The age of internet videos has allowed us to see more real-life encounters than ever before. We can learn many valuable lessons from each encounter. Below we have 4 different violent encounters, and some takeaways from each of them. Remember every situation and person is different- what might work for one person may not work for another. 

Violent Encounter 1


  • Violence of action
  • The better your punches, the more effective you are going to be
  • Don’t stop or give the attackers the chance to recover
  • Not just physically but mentally, you have to break them


  • 70 year old boxer
  • Self defense is about defending the situation, not just an attack
  • If you feel like there is an impending physical confrontation, it is sometimes good to initiate the fight and take control of the outcome
  • The challenge of self defense is being reactive- in this case he took control
  • By the time the first opponent came with a deliberate attack, he was able to defend and counter-attack
  • It’s always going to be more difficult and sometimes impossible to counter attack if you don’t know if there is going to be a fight

Takeaways about triangle as a defense:

  • Being on your back with someone on top of you is not the goal, but this can happen if the person has the initiative and size and aggression
  • It is not going to be easy to reverse the position in this case
  • It is important to know how to attack from the bottom
  • Sometimes we fight the position, in this case we have to fight from the position

Takeaways facing multiple opponents:

  • Violence of action
  • Take the fight to them
  • Always monitor both (in this case) people
  • Keep it simple
  • Know how to punch and kick hard, fast and accurate
  • Don’t stop until it is clear that you are in control
  • Don’t commit to the ground